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Friday, July 01, 2011

My Blog is Carbon Free

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Want to make you blog carbon free? Want to help with reforestation? Click on my button and read all the details about this ingenious program and get your blog button for a carbon free blog.

It's simple concept. Unknowingly, our blogs do emit carbon dioxide. But this German group has a goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and help replant acres and acres of National Forest devastated by fires over the years. For every blog that posts the button for the carbon free blog and writes about the program, a tree is planted. Partnering with the Arbor Foundation, trees are planted in forests in the United States that have suffered from forest fires.

Studies have been conducted to analyze the amount of carbon dioxide produced by computers. Interestingly enough, our computers can emit upwards of 8 pounds of CO2 a year. But by planting a tree, which will absorb up to 11 pounds of carbon dioxide a year, our computers are offset. Since trees live an average of 50 years, we can each help reduce our individual carbon footprints!

They will plant the trees FREE! We just need to put a button on our blog! It's that simple!

So join me in making your blog carbon free! Get your button today!

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