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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Concentrate on what you want

What you think; you become. It is amazing how our thoughts really have so much power over our lives. The power of positive thinking really is a truth! Think about it!

Monday, June 25, 2007

What a weekend!

This past weekend I was able to attend a seminar that was life changing. Let me share a little snippet of the moments that I never imagined I could experience.

First of all, many of you know that I work from home. I have a wonderful home business that gives me the opportunity to talk with people from all over the country. I love what I do and can't imagine ever doing anything else, as far as a way to earn an income. This is where I was meant to be and I will always be here doing this. However, learning about myself and always educating myself will never stop. This weekend proved that and more!

Dani Johnson is an author, speaker, trainer, coach and founder of a company Call To Freedom International. She went from a homeless cocktail waitress to a millionaire. Now I know you are all saying that those are fairy tale stories and it only happens to a few people. You couldn't be more wrong. It CAN happen to everyone, it's just a matter of choice. Choices are made everyday but only you can make the choice to be successful.

I'm not saying that Dani Johnson is the end all of coaches. She fits my personality but maybe not yours. But the lessons I learned are helpful for anyone, any age, in any type of work or career. I myself learned more about myself in 2 days with Dani than I have my entire life. We learned about what is holding us back from becoming successful and how to continue to grow personally and professionally.

It was quite a weekend of growth and freedom. Go to her website and listen to one of her calls. You'll be amazed at how you can get one little nugget of information and it can lead you to a whole new perspective on life.

Best to you all.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Live and Love


1. Seeing your partner through the lens of love rather than fear automatically elevates the relationship to a higher plane. When u can get quiet & note when u are projecting fear, u can make the adjustment to see through a different filter. So often we feel indignant or incensed, but upon closer inspection we will find that we are really afraid. Once we assume our partner's core goodness rather than focusing on their "guilt," they will be more free to show us their best, which accelerates the process of shifting our perspective from one of blame and anxiety to one of acceptance and peace.

2. Being willing to forgive yourself & your partner, & to make amends when necessary is an ongoing process of cleanup. We all make mistakes; it's human. But when we hold fast to a grudge it eats away at our sense of peace and serenity. If u aren't willing to forgive, u might ask yourself what habit of ego you're attached to. Do you want to continue life with unresolved issues hanging over u?

When we take a stand and refuse to let go of something, we can always find evidence to justify it. Or we can try to make peace. Instead of blaming or making excuses, we can clean things up and move forward. This is not an excuse for staying in a dysfunctional situation, but an opportunity to see innocence. Once we do that, we gain—or give—freedom to move out of a "stuck" place.

3. Relaxing when times get tough; assuming that "this too shall pass" allows u to roll with the punches. If u know things will inevitably arise to challenge u, u can be more detached when they do. Problems become worse when we dig in our heels & try to force a solution. By relaxing into whatever struggle arises, we remain flexible & open to inspiration & insight.

Even if u have a hard time letting go, u can at least observe yourself taking things very seriously, which in itself helps to detach u from the experience of anxiety. Whatever is happening now won't be happening a year from now, so just keep breathing through the situation & see if you can take things a little less seriously.

4. Seeing in the dynamic of the relationship the reflection of what you need to learn helps bring you back to what is important. Sometimes we get lost in the chatter of day-to-day patterns and lose sight of the soul's mandate to bring us closer to realizing our Oneness. The best way to see where we need to work on things is to observe who we are and what we do within the context of a relationship. Any time u recognize your impulse to create distance rather than intimacy, u can make the adjustment & get back on track.

This relationship, as with all relationships, is part of a curriculum to evolve into our highest potential. We come to know ourselves by how we interact with our partner, and by so doing we come to know Spirit.

5. When you don't know how to handle a problem, pray & meditate. This aligns your limited energy with that which is all-powerful. Of course we don’t have all the answers, but by consigning our limitations to our Higher Power, our burden is lifted. We need to be accountable for our words & actions & be willing to work through where we are stuck. We need to stay present & forgive. Beyond that, our creative power is fueled by Spirit. By praying, we ask for help and guidance; by meditating we clear our minds so that the answer will become apparent. By moving aside, we create an opening for God to work miracles in ways we could never imagine.

6. Honoring your partner's path & allow them the space to find their own way sends a clear message of respect. People need to work things out in their own manner & in their own time. If u try to help where help is not requested, u are signaling your lack of belief in your partner. If you back off and assume someone is strong & intelligent, strength & intelligence are what they will likely find.

Although we are all on this path of realization & expansion together, each of us is unique in our lessons to be learned; the way u do something might be totally different than how someone else needs to process a situation. Rest assured that Spirit is at work in all of our lives, & give yourself a rest from overseeing your partner's personal business.

7. Keeping up your personal growth work means u will keep your mind sharp & your awareness keen. Read, study, & attend lectures; don't rest on the laurels of what u think u already know. The moment we think we have it all figured out is the moment things will come crashing down around us.

Arrogance leaves no room for intimacy or growth, & is certainly not part of a spiritual curriculum. When u immerse yourself in learning, you will always have new skills and interests to apply to a relationship, & thus the relationship will always feel fresh and relevant.
8. Following the path of your own creativity keeps u attuned to that which moves & inspires u. As u indulge your creative side, u become less dependent on your partner to feel whole. Creative energy is the force that breaks new ground. To sustain love, we need to continually fuel whatever inspires us on the deepest level. Also, creativity balances out the egoic & intellectual side of life; it teaches us to play & have fun. When we engage our passions, we radiate passionate energy & thus maintain the interest of our partner as well as having your own sense of fulfillment.

9. Staying present keeps us in the moment which is where life is. Life does not exist in future predictions or past grievances; all we have for sure is right here and right now. Every moment teaches us something, and if we are busily trying to change or control something we miss the grace intended for us.

By allowing the sacred mystery to unfold without trying to tamper with it, we can move through anything with much more ease and simplicity. As we cease resisting, any so-called negative situation or emotion will have the space to work out. And by the same token, when we are completely alert and aware in any given moment, we are open to the subtle miracles happening all around us. By staying present, we will see our partner for who they are; we will hear clearly their communication and respond to it astutely.

10. Being grateful for what you have zeros in on what is working, which in turn magnetizes more of the same. Where u put your focus is where u direct your creative intention; so if u want abundance, be grateful for the vitality u have now. If u want a soulful relationship, be grateful for the soulful moments. Gratitude is like a seed u plant; it grows more as it is watered & nourished. Show your partner what u appreciate in them and let them know that they have a positive effect in your life. The acknowledgement of good will call forth more of the same.

Monday, June 18, 2007

A Change of Scenery

Aside from the occasional out-of-town trip or jaunt to the store for much needed groceries, I spend most of my time working in my home office (thankfully). It's a steady work environment for me. As I search for inspiration I have some constant distractions such as the window I stare out at, the dog that constantly wants to play, the laundry, the cleaning, cooking. - you get the idea, almost every day. Funny that I am constantly looking for new ways to advertise and meet others who are interested in doing this very thing.

Despite the significant time I spend at my desk, some of my best ideas have come elsewhere. Sometimes it's something on a weekend that sparks the right brain cells. Sometimes it's while driving in the car (to get the much needed groceries!), maybe while lingering over my morning latte, or while actually cleaning (yes I do that occasionally!). Too often, it's in the shower or during a workout, when nothing is readily available to jot down my idea.

So if some of my most productive, creative thinking comes away from my desk. So why not capture more of that time for myself?

How could you plan such "out of office" work time into your schedule, specifically to think about particular challenges you have in your work or personal life? How can you use this time to spark new creativity, and actually increase your productivity?

Don't fall into the trap of thinking about this time as less productive or valuable. If you need a chance of scenery to be creative, do it. Use your desk and computer for execution, not creation. With that thought, I'm going for a walk!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


As I was reading some posts online the other day, I came across a question that was posted last November - what are you thankful for? We always ask this question around Thanksgiving because that's usually when we are reminded of the many blessings we have. Well I decided to answer it now. Since we usually do think of those things at other times of the year, I thought it would be great to list those things and people and make a mental reminder. So here's my list:

1. My faith - without it I don't know where I would be and I don't think I would be me. My faith leads me in the right direction and keeps me humble (I sure hope). It keeps me focused on the truly important aspects of life and knowing from where I have come and where I am trying to wind up.

2. My husband - we have been together for 30 years (including the time we dated) without him I wouldn't have the pleasure of his company, his love and devotion, my wonderful daughters and the life that I am so blessed to be able to live. Not to mention the rock of stability he always provides and the voice of reason when I get a little 'too' riled about something - that's the Italian in me (tee hee)

3. My family - beginning with my daughters who are the center of my life, their sense of humor and the ability to share long talks and fun experiences, my grandson who is the light of my life with his innocence and love of information and activity not to mention the way he can melt my heart by saying"Zach go to Nona's house" or "I see Nona" meaning he wants to see me. Then the huge smile on his face when he walks in my door or I walk in his. So absolutely precious, and something that can never be taken away because of the memory. My father, sister, in-laws, cousins, uncles, aunts and so many more of those who make up our family.

4. My friends - without them I would be insane. They are the backbone of my life. There are times when they have been there to help me through some really difficult situations. They are truly gems and rare ones at that. Gifts from God again just as my family and husband are.

5. My business partners- they are also my friends but also the people who know my inner motivations and goals. They are there to lift me up and cheer me on. Without them, I wouldn't be as successful as I am today. I really can't say enough about this group of people. We are all working together and we all have our goals but we are also about true friendship. I wouldn't trade them in for anything and I look forward to spending many long years with them. (sorry guys but you're stuck with me!)

6. My country - I know that may sound corny but I do feel blessed to live in a country, that although is not always right, we still have many freedoms and opportunities that are unsurpassed.

I have so many other areas of my life to be thankful for both past and present but these are the areas that I guess you would are the "here and now". I hope I can always try to take the time to remember exactly what I am thankful for - it really helps make my day.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lacrosse - continued

One of the great things about my 'work' is that I have the time freedom to see my grandson and go to events for former or present students. This past Wednesday, two of my students were playing their last lacrosse game of the season.

You have to know my students. They are twin girls who are as different as night and day but they are also the highlight of my week when I work with them for two hours each Wednesday afternoon.

This week, they had a game during our regularly scheduled time, so I promised them I would go to their last game of the season. Being that I love lacrosse, it would be a pleasure. My grandson also loves to go and play on the nearby fields so I decided I would take him along. My husband happened to get off work early that day (which never happens) so I asked him to come along too. This would give "PopPop" a chance to play some lacrosse catch with my 2-1/2 year old grandson.

It seemed as if it was taking forever to get to the game, which was about 1/2 hour away. I was so worried that I would arrive to see the game over and girls walking to the car. But we arrived shortly after the 2nd half began. As I scoped out "my girls", I spotted them. Okay, this was the tough part - who was who and which was which. Did I mention they were twins? With all the gear and uniforms, I couldn't tell one from the other. Finally, as "Shelby" ran toward the goal, I figured it out by hearing everyone shouting and cheering for her. Phew! And she scored! How was that for timing? As the game progressed I was amazed at their speed and passing capabilities. They were great! It was fun to see how these 11 year old pre-teens could outrun, pass, block and score!

Meanwhile, Zach and Mike were tossing the ball back and forth with their lacrosse sticks. Well, not exactly passing. Zach was using his lacrosse stick as a baseball bat and Mike was "pitching" the ball to him with his lacrosse stick. Then Zach was actually pitching the ball so Mike could catch it with his lacrosse stick. Fun times for everyone.

As the game ended, with the girls' team winning by 1 goal, the celebration began. There were drinks and cupcakes to celebrate the win and the last game of the season. Once all the cupcakes were passed out, the girls asked if Zach could have one. Of course, being the grandmother, I said 'yes'. It was chocolate - need I say more. What happened next is another story but suffice it to say - we all had a great time with a lot of laughs to boot.

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