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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hugs To You

This is a great way to show how one person can make a huge difference.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?

Whomever said "let sleeping dogs lie" didn't know my dog. This 20 lb, spoiled little doggie has something I can't believe actually comes from him. Usually women complain about their husband's doing this. Usually it is the topic of conversation with a doctor or close friend. Many people wonder what the cause is, of which there can be many. Whatever causes this, in a little dog that usually sleeps the day and night away, is the mystery. And whomever suggested that you let sleeping dogs lie, didn't have one that does this so loudly that it wakes both my husband and me up in the middle of the night. We are sorry but we can't let our sleeping dog lie because he SNORES! I am not exaggerating. One time when I was away, my husband called me to let me hear the dog snoring. I couldn't stop laughing. It sounded like an old man. You know the kind you imitate because of how hysterical it sounds. Yup! That's my dog. So letting our sleeping dog lie, is totally out of the question. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Spending the weekend with my 2 year old grandson is such a fantastic opportunity to truly see life from a different perspective. What we would think of as work, they see as fun. If an adult is doing it, they want to do it too. We may view it as just another chore - they see it as another new toy or exciting new event. My grandson has a way of teaching me things every time I am with him. For example, yesterday was a very busy day for us. We had so much to do. We had to wash the car, clean up the yard, rake, trim bushes, walk the dog, go shopping and make dinner. Of course, I saw it as my chore list. My grandson saw it as a great day filled with fun.

At the end of the day when we talked about what he did, however, his list was not the same as mine. Insted of viewing the car washing as a job, he saw it as a fun way to follow his grandparents with a sponge and dip it in the water to splash on the car. He loved dunking his arm into the bucket of soapy water and using the sponge to help clean the lights, windows and tires. He took so much delight in wiping off the accumulated dirt then putting more soap on to get the car clean. He took his job very seriously but always with a smile!

Then we had to rake the yard. He loved making little pile of sticks and wind blow branches. Once he had a pile he would line them up in a row and count them. Then off to make a new pile. He examined all the contents of the pile as he raked as he was amazed at every new object. His face would light up as he would discover pinecones, rocks and pine needles.

Next we had to trim the bushes. This was more fun than an amusement ride because he could pull the branches out and whisk them into the can or pile. He thought it was the greatest thing in the world to be able to take those big branches and sit on them as I pulled him around or pull them to the pile with the others and make a huge chair of branches. Such trudgery for us - but to a little two year old - pure enjoyment.

Even walking the dog took on a whole new joy as we watched him take responsibility for walking the dog only to be distracted by another dog, cat, squirrel or puddle of water. He laughed and talked during the whole walk never once complaining about the dog pulling one way or the other.

Next off to the grocery store. Finding an unattended "car cart", we were off on another adventure as he turned the steering wheel of his car (on the front of my shopping cart) so we could manuver down the aisles. Whoever thought of this idea was a genius. My grandson thinks shopping is the greatest thing in the world. He doesn't ask for anything, even though all the goodies are at his level, because he is too busy making sure he doesn't crash and turns the wheel to get out of someones way.

Finally, dinner time has arrived. Cooking is another simple task for this 2 year old. He simply takes the cooking spoon and magically whips up a pumpkin pie or whatever his choice of food would be that he just prepared in his pot. Imagination works very well with cooking, even if you don't have all the right ingredients.

I loved my day with my grandson and I look forward to so many more. He taught me about life. It's not what you do, it's how you do it and how you look at the work. Looking at the work from his perspective gave me so much joy that I never felt like I was working at all. All chores completed and all the time I spent with him was so special. I'm so excited to do it again soon.

Friday, January 26, 2007

My workout schedule for the week

MONDAY Beat around the bush.. .Jump to conclusions... Climb the walls... Wade through the morning paper
TUESDAY Drag my heels... Push my luck... Make mountains out of mole hills... Hit the nail on the head
WEDNESDAY Bend over backwards... Jump on the Band Wagon... Run around in circles
THURSDAY Advise President on how to run the country.. .Toot my own horn.. .Pull out all the stops.. .Add fuel to the fire.. .
FRIDAY Open a can of worms... Put my foot in my mouth.. .Start the ball rolling...Go over the edge..
SATURDAY Pick up the pieces..
SUNDAY Kneel in prayer.. Bow my head in thanksgiving.. Uplift my hands in praise.. Hug someone and encourage them..
Whew! What a Workout! Ready to start all over again !

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


As children, the anticipation and excitement of snow is so refreshing. The wonder in the eyes of a child as they look skyward and feel the cold flakes hit their warm face and turn into a trickle. Fluffy, hard, crunchy, slippery are all the textures of this winter wonder. It's the innocence of children that cause them to love this white phenomenom.

As adults, we usually see snow as a huge inconvenience. Roadways made into ice rinks, other cars aimlessly sacheting to and fro (sometimes right at you), and then stopping to "chain up" gives a whole new perspective to freezing your hands off. Unfortunately, for adults. we have been tainted by the negative side of all this snow. If only we could see if through a child's eyes again. To children snow means fun, laughter, snowmen, hot cocoa, sledding, snow forts just to name a few. Think back to your own memories of snow.

Snow can be breathtaking! Watch as it dances and pirouettes gracefully to land. Relax, feel the tension release as you rest and listen while the flakes quietly and gently sway through the air to rest. There is a hush with the freshly fallen snow that can't be replicated. Have you ever walked through the woods after a snow and 'felt' total silence? Have you listened as the snow fell? That is true peacefulness.

Try looking at the snow from a new childlike perspective and then see if you don't have a changed attitude --- even if it's only for a short while. Of course, you could work from home as I do! Then it can snow all it wants because you don't have to go out in it, deal with it, drive in it, contend with other drivers in it! Do you think you might have a far different perspective then? Let it snow!

Friday, January 05, 2007


This sums up so many thoughts.....
Attitude is everything.

Be kinder than necessary,
for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.
Live simply,
Love generously,Care deeply,Speak kindly...... .

Thursday, January 04, 2007

What a way to work

I love my job - if that's what you would call it. It's so much fun that I wouldn't call it a job. I work from home and I wouldn't trade what I do for anything. This work has granted me so many opportunities. I am able to be home and have my grandson with me whenever I want him to visit. I can go away on vacation whenever I choose. My husband travels for work and I can go with him whenever he needs to go someplace exciting! I meet the greatest people with my work and I have met so many wonderful friends throughout the country. Tonight I spoke with someone who was so full of life, enthusiastic, happy, intelligent and funny. I never spoke to her before tonight but it was as if we had known each other for a long time. Without my job, I would never have met her! As I said before and you will hear me say again and again - I love my job!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The TOP 25 lessons of 2006

As one year ends and another begins it’s important to reflect upon the days gone past and plan for the days to come. Every year brings new life lessons and I wanted to share some of my insights from 2006!

Here’s the TOP 25 lessons that 2006 has taught me.

1) Do something for yourself EVERY day! You ARE worth it!

2) There are 4 sides to every story.
a. Your side
b. My side
c. What everyone thinks happened
d. What really happened

3) Surrounding yourself with positive people makes all the difference.

4) Never, I mean never, send an email to anyone when you’re upset.

5) Consistency and Persistence really DOES pay off!

6) Always apply the 24 hour rule BEFORE reacting to a tough situation.

7) Those who genuinely care about your success in business, are those who have a vested interest in it.

8) Giving a helping hand without expectations is the only way to give.

9) Having integrity is everything.

10) You’ve got to play to win, or don’t play at all.

11) Every dog really does get his day.

12) Your commitment to excellence defines the quality of your life.

13) What you think, becomes what you do. What you do, becomes who you are.

14) Lack of loyalty is a major cause of failure.

15) Status does not define good character.

16) Make judgments based on your own personal experiences, not based on what others say.

17) You are only as good as the worst player on your team. Surround yourself with the best!

18) Never let anyone get in the way of accomplishing your dreams.

19) When someone starts a sentence with “Did ya hear?”, DON’T listen.

20) Do something nice for your significant other every day. It definitely makes for a great day!

21) What you do (good or bad) WILL duplicate.

22) Saying "no" to the things that don't matter, gives you the time to say yes to the things that do.

23) In every situation, there’s something to learn. Look for it and learn from it.

24) In life and business, it’s not about being right, it’s about doing the right thing.

25) You need to be the person that you want your children to become.

Here’s to learning from the past and creating an incredible future!


I love new beginnings. Since so many people feel that the start of the new year is a new beginning I applaud them. I myself always try to start over since it is so difficult to really ever get going. It seems that there is always some obstacle in the way. So I am always up for "starting." That is exactly what I am doing here. I am starting to post on my blog. I am starting a new month. I am starting to live life from this day forward. I am starting to get my goals written....for the day. So starting is a much more appropriate term for me. Finishing is the goal! I'm starting to understand -

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