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Friday, July 21, 2006

What should we do about the dog?

My daughter and her family adopted a new 5 month old, chocolate lab last Saturday. Even though they have only had her, Bailey, for 1 week, it is proving to be a trying experience. Apparently, Bailey does not like the competition with my grandson, Z. She feels the need to misbehave when my daughter shows Z any attention. Bailey feels the need to steal shoes, toys, and has even taken to nipping at Z. This is only the tip of the iceberg. So my daughter has called for her mom's advice. Hopefully, this not so wise (dog) mom, (I'm not someone who has good dog advice-see my daughter's comments below) has something good to share. Let's start with checking out all the possibilities. How much does it cost to take the dog to school, how about one-on-one training, how about in home training, how about someone living in with you to teach the dog - oops that is a little over the top. Bark Busters, yes a real live company, will only charge $550 to come out to your home and teach you what you need to do to live with your dog. For that price, I do think they should move in. Obedience classes are another alternative. They cost money too. And the schedule is not something you can easily conform to since we are talking about a family with a soon to be 2 year old and two working parents. Can someone come out to your home for less than $550? What did people do before all these dog whispers were around. What happened to us? What do we do about the dog? Apparantly, mom's advice leads to some further investigation. It's time to get some help with this decision. My daughter decides to ask her dad. All he can say is she's nuts to even consider paying $550 but I said that too, although dad's have a way of saying it that is a lot more direct. So, in the end, I think she's going with Bark Busters. So much for help from the not so wise mom.


cm.thomas05 said...

Nice blog Mom. What I have paid for my dog and the additional $550 I'm putting into training still doesn't even begin to amount to the $1800 you originally paid for your dog plus the training you paid for to have him go to school and he STILL misbehaves! Good blog.

Coralee said...

If you are like me we just got a second dog. We are so hip with our own blogs.......

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