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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Where have I been?

Ok, I know it's been a while since I've been here. I have a really good excuse. My daughter had the baby early and we have been pretty busy with all of that. He is doing so well but things have been so hectic.

In the meantime, I haven't stopped working or thinking about the various issues I want to address here. One issue that I have always been working on is to stop using all that paper! It was something that I did since I was in high school and into college. Boy, if I could re-use a piece of paper! When I was teaching I would save scraps of paper. I would allow my students to dig through whenever they needed a piece of construction paper in a particular color for a project. My daughters always knew that if they needed a piece of paper for something, they knew where the scrap pile was kept. We always used the back of the piles of paper my husband would bring home from work. I would cut them into fourths to use as message paper or take notes on them. Add to that, recycling containers. I could find a use for just about any container (this was long before containers could be recycled). Anything from Pringles cans (they make great pencil holders) to coffee cans to cigar boxes to cardboard. You name, I could find a use for it. We even recycled our junk mail to teach students. Ah, but those days are gone. You see I no longer teach a class of students. I now work from home (my own business). My daughters are grown (and I might add that they do a great job at recycling!)

So, as I continue to recycle, the junk mail became a huge issue. Everyday, 3 or 4 applications for credit cards I don't want and never asked for, would arrive in the 'mail'. Then there are the coupons and catalogs. Well, I am so excited to say that I found a solution. There is a website that will take care of your junk mail for you. This company will contact all the companies and catalogs to take your name off the lists. It takes a lot of doing so now there is someone who will do it for you. There is a small fee involved but to me that was so worth it. Yeah! One more problem solved and I am helping the environment. By putting a stop to all that junk mail, you could save a tree! I'm not kidding!

Go to Read all about the process. You will find a video from WXYZ-TV where the founder of 41 pounds is interviewed to explain the process. Get rid of junkmail and help save the environment. What more could you ask for. If we all spread the word, think of how many trees we'll save! That doesn't even begin to mention the post office workers who won't have to sort through all the junk.

Do your part! It's a small bit that can make a huge difference.


EclecticGypsy said...

I have recently started to recyle paper too...but in a different way. I make new paper from my junk mail, advertising fliers and catalogs. I have made some real pretty note cards and stationary this way just by adding a few extra touches. I have also managed to make some paper beads out of my recyled paper. I also look thru the magazines and junk mail for intesting colors combinations and have made paper beads directly from those.

It is nice too see you back blogging again. Enjoy the new baby. It is nice when you can spoil the baby then give baby back to the parents. lol

Sonya said...

We also recycle our paper. I use old magazines for beads, I've made some really pretty ones. We use our junk mail and old bills to make new paper. My kids LOVE to do this, and the stationary we make from it is gorgeous. We shred it in the shredder, then put it in the blender with some water, add more water to it, then use a screen tacked to a frame to strain it out. You flip it onto some flannel stacked on some newspapers and let it dry. Adding little bits of construction paper can change the colors, adding dried flowers and other bits from nature can really enhance it as well.

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