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Thursday, March 29, 2007


There are always days that I think about what I am going to blog about, yet I don't quite get 'around to it'. Since my last post, so much has transpired. It's still a fresh memory so why not continue to blog about it.

Hawaii - February 21, 2007

It's difficult to imagine that the ocean is a playground that we share with so many others, not necessarily of the human species. Of course, the first would be fish. Everyone thinks of the fish in the ocean. And then the sharks that we are reminded of each summer as we hear yet another attack story. But what about those magnificant whales! What a playground they have made of the sea! Watching this is so awe inspiring.

Each time we visit Hawaii, we purposely plan our trip in February/March - the most opportune time to see the Orca whales at play. The warm Hawaiian waters are the breeding grounds for Orcas. But the playful nature of this great mammal is something to behold! As I was sitting on the beach with my binoculars, I could see fins and tails, flipping and flapping, splashing and spraying out in the waters. A young Orca was playing with its momma. The scenario is one that any mom would appreciate. The youngster would flap and flip, over and over. Occasionally you could see the mother Orca slap her fin but the playful encounter had fun written all over it. It makes you giggle just watching. As the scene plays out for more than a half an hour, the young Orca never seems to tire. Oh the energy of youth! How much do our lives parallel these wonders of the sea. Their playground is so immense!

What a delight to observe nature at play. What a blessing to be able to participate in it all!

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