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Friday, May 11, 2007

Spring Swing

Ok, I have a question for you - be honest - when was the last time you rode on a swing? You know the kind at the park. Well, if it's been awhile, you have to go and give it a try.

Today, my daughter and I took my grandson to the park. After he climbed on the ladders and slid down the slides, ran over the bridges and jumped off the steps, we made our way to the swings. Of course, I immediately started pushing him on the swing. He loved it and wanted to 'go fast'. He loved it and laughed as we talked about all the things he could see now that he was so high up 'in the sky'. Then he asked if he could ride with me. He giggled as he leaned back on me and we looked up to the sky as we moved back and forth.

Now for the big deal! He wanted me to ride alone! Me! The nona - yes a little bit of time has definitely transpired since I last rode a swing alone. Ok, I'd love it! So off I went, higher, higher and higher! It was so much fun. Addicting I would say! Once you start you really don't want to stop. It's such a free feeling and not much work needed. It was having a great time and so was my grandson.

Then it was his moms turn. I pushed her and she laughed so hard as she was riding higher and higher. We both forgot how much fun it is! Remember that little tickle in your stomach when you were swinging? It was there!

Another great day at the park with me being a 'kid' again. All this time, I have always thought I still had that little bit of a kid inside and today was definite proof. So I challenge you to and ride a swing and see what you think. Have a blast!

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