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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spread the Word

Sound the Alert! Sound the Alert!
Coming on March 17th:
the beautifully updated Perfection Pants pattern!

See a few more of the lovely photos from the pattern over here: Perfection Pants on my Flickr!

The new pants pattern will be available in the wooly wonder shop ( and also in my ravelry pattern store ( On Tuesday! The new pattern will be selling at the recession-adjusted price of $12. Additionally, there are some deals...

Deal #1: Current pattern holders will find a coupon code in the Wooly Wonder Perfection Pants Pattern Support forum to purchase the pattern at a discounted price. ($4 off) Thank you for your continued support!

Deal #2:
Social Networking Discount Experiment: Place the information shared in this blog post onto your blog (cut and paste the whole thing, including the picture), facebook ("share on fb"), twitter (just place a link to pamelamama's blog entry) or other social networking location, forum, etc (be creative!) and email me a link or screen shot... (my contact-us page) I will email you a coupon code of your very own to use in my shop. (And they told two friends, and they told two friends,and so on...) ($2 off)

The pattern won't be available for download until Tuesday, so thank you for your patience and for helping me spread the word! Knit your own darn perfect-fitting baby pants -- now with an updated, beautified, clarified, but still chatty and loads o'fun pattern.

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