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Thursday, April 21, 2011

All Natural Egg Dyes

Since I'm such a geek about chemicals and finding natural solutions this was so exciting to discover. For those of you who remember the days of dying eggs with the PAAS kit, here's a great alternative to those artificial egg dyes. Using spices from your own spice rack and other items you may have around your kitchen, you can now have dye free eggs. No more artificial ingredients and chemicals.

Add the ingredients to boiling water and let it simmer until you see the color you desire. Since this isn't an exact science, you may need to add more ingredients to the water or add more water as needed. Let the dye cool. Strain the ingredients, if need be, and add 1 tablespoon of vinegar to the dye. The longer you soak the eggs, the darker the color. Have fun!

Yellow/Gold: Boil 3 Tablespoons of cumin or turmeric
Yellow: Steep 2 to 3 green teach or chamomile tea bags in hot water.
Orange: Boil paprika
Red: Boil read onion skins
Lavender: Steep hibiscus tea bags in hot water.
Blue: Boil 4 cups of chopped red cabbage
Rusty Brown: Boil chili powder
Brown: Boil old coffee grounds or use old coffee as a dye
Light brown: Boil dill seeds or just buy some brown eggs!

There you have it! Experiment to see what colors you can mix together!


Michelle said...

I had seen beets, turmeric and red cabbage(which is funny to me!), but not the others. Thanks for the post! Found you through MBC!!

Patricia said...

This is a great blog! Love the egg dying with natural ingredients. I am going to start adding organic fabric to my custom order kids clothes for my etsy shop. Going with the organic fabric raises my prices 20-30% but if that is what customers want and need then I will make the switch then eventually have all organic clothing.
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Living On A Dollar said...

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Kar said...

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I did this a couple times with beautiful results. Also take some leaves, ferns or even parsley or cilantro. Place them on the egg then wrap them with a piece of old nylon stockings, then dye. Beautiful!


Melissa K Norris said...

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Great article on the egg dye. Do you have anything on safe weedkiller?

Clayton Thomas said...

Hi, now following you on Twitter. Some of these seem obvious but i never thought of them! Thanks and have a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Wow this is soo awesome..thank you. I would have never thought of this. Can't wait to try.
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LifeBelowZero said...

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tweeted the egg dye said...

I bought organic eggss for my sister today who is all about organic everything. The eggs are a lovely color already, so I'm going to just have the kids add stickers!!

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Shelly said...

WOW! I am all for less artificial if I can! I already did my eggs this year but I will keep this for next year! I am your newest follower from the finding new friends blog hop. I am one of the hosts! Stopping by to say hi! Hope to see ya on all my blogs :)

Patricia said...

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