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Thursday, January 04, 2007

What a way to work

I love my job - if that's what you would call it. It's so much fun that I wouldn't call it a job. I work from home and I wouldn't trade what I do for anything. This work has granted me so many opportunities. I am able to be home and have my grandson with me whenever I want him to visit. I can go away on vacation whenever I choose. My husband travels for work and I can go with him whenever he needs to go someplace exciting! I meet the greatest people with my work and I have met so many wonderful friends throughout the country. Tonight I spoke with someone who was so full of life, enthusiastic, happy, intelligent and funny. I never spoke to her before tonight but it was as if we had known each other for a long time. Without my job, I would never have met her! As I said before and you will hear me say again and again - I love my job!

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Coralee said...

One of the best perks of our work.

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