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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


As children, the anticipation and excitement of snow is so refreshing. The wonder in the eyes of a child as they look skyward and feel the cold flakes hit their warm face and turn into a trickle. Fluffy, hard, crunchy, slippery are all the textures of this winter wonder. It's the innocence of children that cause them to love this white phenomenom.

As adults, we usually see snow as a huge inconvenience. Roadways made into ice rinks, other cars aimlessly sacheting to and fro (sometimes right at you), and then stopping to "chain up" gives a whole new perspective to freezing your hands off. Unfortunately, for adults. we have been tainted by the negative side of all this snow. If only we could see if through a child's eyes again. To children snow means fun, laughter, snowmen, hot cocoa, sledding, snow forts just to name a few. Think back to your own memories of snow.

Snow can be breathtaking! Watch as it dances and pirouettes gracefully to land. Relax, feel the tension release as you rest and listen while the flakes quietly and gently sway through the air to rest. There is a hush with the freshly fallen snow that can't be replicated. Have you ever walked through the woods after a snow and 'felt' total silence? Have you listened as the snow fell? That is true peacefulness.

Try looking at the snow from a new childlike perspective and then see if you don't have a changed attitude --- even if it's only for a short while. Of course, you could work from home as I do! Then it can snow all it wants because you don't have to go out in it, deal with it, drive in it, contend with other drivers in it! Do you think you might have a far different perspective then? Let it snow!

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