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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The TOP 25 lessons of 2006

As one year ends and another begins it’s important to reflect upon the days gone past and plan for the days to come. Every year brings new life lessons and I wanted to share some of my insights from 2006!

Here’s the TOP 25 lessons that 2006 has taught me.

1) Do something for yourself EVERY day! You ARE worth it!

2) There are 4 sides to every story.
a. Your side
b. My side
c. What everyone thinks happened
d. What really happened

3) Surrounding yourself with positive people makes all the difference.

4) Never, I mean never, send an email to anyone when you’re upset.

5) Consistency and Persistence really DOES pay off!

6) Always apply the 24 hour rule BEFORE reacting to a tough situation.

7) Those who genuinely care about your success in business, are those who have a vested interest in it.

8) Giving a helping hand without expectations is the only way to give.

9) Having integrity is everything.

10) You’ve got to play to win, or don’t play at all.

11) Every dog really does get his day.

12) Your commitment to excellence defines the quality of your life.

13) What you think, becomes what you do. What you do, becomes who you are.

14) Lack of loyalty is a major cause of failure.

15) Status does not define good character.

16) Make judgments based on your own personal experiences, not based on what others say.

17) You are only as good as the worst player on your team. Surround yourself with the best!

18) Never let anyone get in the way of accomplishing your dreams.

19) When someone starts a sentence with “Did ya hear?”, DON’T listen.

20) Do something nice for your significant other every day. It definitely makes for a great day!

21) What you do (good or bad) WILL duplicate.

22) Saying "no" to the things that don't matter, gives you the time to say yes to the things that do.

23) In every situation, there’s something to learn. Look for it and learn from it.

24) In life and business, it’s not about being right, it’s about doing the right thing.

25) You need to be the person that you want your children to become.

Here’s to learning from the past and creating an incredible future!

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