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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lacrosse - continued

One of the great things about my 'work' is that I have the time freedom to see my grandson and go to events for former or present students. This past Wednesday, two of my students were playing their last lacrosse game of the season.

You have to know my students. They are twin girls who are as different as night and day but they are also the highlight of my week when I work with them for two hours each Wednesday afternoon.

This week, they had a game during our regularly scheduled time, so I promised them I would go to their last game of the season. Being that I love lacrosse, it would be a pleasure. My grandson also loves to go and play on the nearby fields so I decided I would take him along. My husband happened to get off work early that day (which never happens) so I asked him to come along too. This would give "PopPop" a chance to play some lacrosse catch with my 2-1/2 year old grandson.

It seemed as if it was taking forever to get to the game, which was about 1/2 hour away. I was so worried that I would arrive to see the game over and girls walking to the car. But we arrived shortly after the 2nd half began. As I scoped out "my girls", I spotted them. Okay, this was the tough part - who was who and which was which. Did I mention they were twins? With all the gear and uniforms, I couldn't tell one from the other. Finally, as "Shelby" ran toward the goal, I figured it out by hearing everyone shouting and cheering for her. Phew! And she scored! How was that for timing? As the game progressed I was amazed at their speed and passing capabilities. They were great! It was fun to see how these 11 year old pre-teens could outrun, pass, block and score!

Meanwhile, Zach and Mike were tossing the ball back and forth with their lacrosse sticks. Well, not exactly passing. Zach was using his lacrosse stick as a baseball bat and Mike was "pitching" the ball to him with his lacrosse stick. Then Zach was actually pitching the ball so Mike could catch it with his lacrosse stick. Fun times for everyone.

As the game ended, with the girls' team winning by 1 goal, the celebration began. There were drinks and cupcakes to celebrate the win and the last game of the season. Once all the cupcakes were passed out, the girls asked if Zach could have one. Of course, being the grandmother, I said 'yes'. It was chocolate - need I say more. What happened next is another story but suffice it to say - we all had a great time with a lot of laughs to boot.

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