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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Step it up!

After reading many other blogs, I have to admit, mine seems a little ' dull', lacking interesting articles and ideas. It seems to jump from one topic to the next without the rhyme or reason. It is more of the stream of consciousness type of blog but it really needs some HELP!

Now this time of year, everyone reflects on the last year and the changes they would like to make for the new year. Yes, that is exactly what I did! So as a result of all the contemplation, I resolved to pay more attention to my blog. I know, not much of a resolution. There are plenty more, believe me. But it appears that some of the problem is my organization. Now that wasn't anything new because if you could see my office, you know that I am always trying to get organized but never quite achieving success. So, I do now resolve to organize my blog. I won't make any commitments to my office though!

Be on the lookout for a newly organized blog. That way I can neatly categorize all my topics and still talk about anything and everything under the sun! Now I just need to figure out how to go about organizing it!

Happy New Year!


isellmineralmakeup said...

What a great resolution! I love "writing" in my blog. I usually post sales/specials with my businesses, etc. I also like to post funny stories, vidoes, etc.

radmom40 said...

I really enjoyed your site! I think you have a lot of good information! :)

bterrier said...

I think I also need to focus more on my blog, so many ideas, just need to make the time. I'll be dropping in again. : )

Strider said...

Some of the most successful people I know of are really disorganized. Enjoy in the mess!!!


Strider said...

Can't wait to see the new blog.


cindyj1982 said...

I am just starting out so my blogs jump from one topic to another also. I hope to get my mind straight and hopefully focus on something interesting!

Princess said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your new blog. I had 4 news years resolutions!!! ha ha

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