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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Steps to Success

It was time to do something - time to make a change. It had gone on long enough. What you ask? My lack of direction, enthusiasm, commitment, excitement, conviction - you get the picture. So I did something about it. Coaching.

It was the best decision I ever made (other than getting married to my husband, having my children, working from home, and ....). Earlier I wrote about the inspiring book by Jack Canfield, The Success Principles. After enrolling in the coaching that can help you put all the principles to work for yourself, I have been on a roll. Taking a good look at where I want to go was first on the agenda. This gave me a start to the year right out of the gate. I knew where I was going and how I was going to get there. But not only did I have the plan laid out but all the small pieces are beginning to fall into place.

Let me explain. After writing out my life plan and focusing on one goal in particular, I have the opportunity to fine tune myself as I work to achieve my goal. The coaching leads you through a step by step process. You are given the blueprint to follow and you build your dream according to your own vision.

I am only half way through the coaching and already I can see where I have changed. Careful planning and nightly daily success journals are becoming a part of my daily schedule. Daily affirmations are a welcome addition as well. Focusing on a daily, weekly and monthly plan is the key.

In addition to the Canfield coaching, I am also working with another coach from another program. Her name is Lisa Kitter. Lisa is a success coach, speaker, author and expert in direct marketing. I have worked with Lisa before by participating in her group classes. Now I decided I needed some one on one coaching. It has been so powerful and so empowering. Lisa follows the same principles as Jack Canfield therefore my focus is on expanding my belief system.

By using Lisa's book Posture Up! Your Complete Success Guide for Network Marketing and Direct Sales I am able to paint the pictures I need and envision the goals I am working toward. Not only that, I have a step by step process to assist me in making sure everything is written out to read on a daily basis. That way I can visualize my dream to become a reality.
So many people are intrigued by "The Secret". After seeing the movie, I decided I would do the research necessary to accomplish the secret. Actually, through my search, I have discovered that the secret is really inside all of us. It is a step we need to consciously take toward becoming the person we are meant to be. It has nothing to do with wishes and hopes, it has everything to do with wanting to change and going the extra miles to see the change through. The reason so many people don't ever attain their dreams in life is that they are not willing to make the change. It's either too much work, not seeing the picture clearly, not having the deep down desire to make changes or a number of other reasons. What you need to ask yourself is, "Am I willing to go through the steps and take a good look at myself and where I want to be?" It isn't about some magical dust being sprinkled on you as you walk along the street. It's about truly making changes in your life and putting that change out there for everyone to see.

Take the steps toward your success. You'll be so excited at what you will find!

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