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Monday, January 07, 2008

What About January?

It’s Time to Plan Your January Promotions!

Let’s face it, from a marketers point of view, Christmas is over and now we have to jump on the bandwagon for the next reason to promote. January, although long and boring in terms of Holidays, is chock full of opportunities for you to find an excuse to have a sale or start a new campaign!

Here are some “themed” ideas for you to develop into your own product and services advertising campaigns:

The first and most obvious new promotion is an “After Christmas” or “End of Year” Sale which you can start right now! Get rid of last year’s stock and make space for the new and more innovative. Draw attention to items and services that didn’t move well with regular pricing. Announce new things to come for the new year.

January is the month for personal evaluation and changes. So health and fitness, nutrition and diet, organization, cleaning, mental health and personal development products & services are wonderful to blast out to the world this month!

January is also a time for business owners to set their goals and plan their business strategies and budgets for the year. Is your business a “B2B” business? Now is the time to get noticed and remembered, plaster ads everywhere, give out business cards, send direct mail postcards with beautiful artwork that recipients want to save and hang up, catalogs, samples.

Beat the rest to the marketing draw — but make sure you are noticed and remembered with unique and creative campaigns and lots of reusable, savable leave-behinds such as magnets, notepads, recipe cards or bookmarks with your business info., etc. Flyers get thrown out, utilitarian items get saved and used daily so you are seen over and over and eventually remembered!

These marketing strategies apply to any type of business whether you customer base is the general consumer or businesses!

North Americans are ready for vacations to warm, exotic places. Push your vacation and travel products and services: cruises, spas, and tropical islands; airfare, car rental and accomodation specials. Be creative, there are a lot of products and services that can be tied into this theme: travel supplies for pets; self-pampering products and luggage; the list goes on!

Don’t forget all the money everyone just blew! Do you offer banking or financial services? There are a lot of people in debt (unfortunately) in January. Help them refinance, pay bills, get low-cost loans.

Now’s a GREAT time to recruit affiliates and downline members for your business. People will be looking for ways to pay off all that Holiday debt!

Grab a notepad and calendar and plan your campains ahead of time for the next 3 or 4 months. That’s half the marketing work done for your business in advance. This will help you plan your time and budget as well.

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