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Sunday, July 29, 2007



Be what? You! Step up your energy and enthusiasm for who you are because it's time to step up the way you're "being!"

How do you step up who you are being? Like this, I'm being positive, motivating, confidant and empowered today. I'm being focused and committed and I refuse to, "be" anything but an inspiration to others as well as to myself!

I discovered many years ago that what was important wasn't necessarily what I thought was important. That, "doing" wasn't nearly as important to my success as how I was, "being" while I was doing, what I was doing!

I used to do things because I was told doing those things would bring me success. So, I'd do more prospecting calls and I'd do my affirmations and I'd do all the trainings and so forth. I was surprised a few years down the road that all of the doing wasn't creating results for me however, the moment I changed how I was, "being" while I was doing those things...I became a tremendous business success story. For instance, I began prospecting with posture and passion. I began believing my affirmations and feeling the truth of the words. Before long, I was conducting the training's and teaching others how to be more, have more, and how to live more on purpose.

  • Be in the moment
  • Be committed to your long term goals
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Be grateful for all you have
  • Be genuine to others
  • Be energetic and inspiring
  • Be positive
  • Be creative
  • Be resourceful
  • Be a leader of people
  • Be someone worth knowing
  • Be a good friend/mentor/confidante
  • Be yourself fully and completely
  • Be consistent
  • Be passionate
  • Be on purpose

Often times we think that we have to do more and then we'll have more. So, we do and do and do some more and it never does seem to be enough. Truth told, most of the time you're doing too much and not being near as much as you could be and should be. When you begin to be authentic and not a clone of someone else or the person everyone wants you to be, you will notice an increase in your life. The increase may look like; more people are responding to you in a positive way. The increase may feel like; "I am amazing, wonderful and I am a promise of all good things life has to offer." You may experience the sense of increase in your faith, your belief and in the abundance flowing to you.

Live intentionally today and be everything you desire to be tomorrow but...don't wait! Be all you desire to be and be it right now, today. Live life as though it is so. Live as though you have faith, abundance, prosperity, great communication skills, a thriving business and anything else you really desire to be...and be it today!

Stop doing so much and instead, make a promise to yourself to BE more beginning right now!

Until next week,

Lisa Kitter
Empower You Now Publishing, LLC
Toll-Free: 888-212-0759


muzzi said...

Great Post! You should change the list to be properly formed affirmations and post them to - ie :

- I am in the moment
- I am committed to my long term goals
- I am enthusiastic
- I am grateful for all I have

etc :)

Mare said...

Thanks so much for your idea muzzi. Great website. Everyone should know about it!

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