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Monday, July 02, 2007

Just when you think you've heard everything....

....from your kids, they throw another one 'atcha. To begin with, I haven't seen my oldest daughter for over 6 weeks. She went on a tour of New Zealand to do some traveling and see that part of the world. Well, did she ever! Her pictures were absolutely breathtaking (and not because she's my daughter!).

So as I was relaying the images of the photos to my friends, my daughter said that all moms say that about things their kids do. I never realized that she thought I would say I liked something just because she's my daughter. Then when I really started to think about it ~ is it true that I only like it because it was done by one of my children and if someone else took the same picture would I like it as much? Could I be that clueless? I surely hope not. Not that this should bother me since it wasn't as if I told her the photos were awful and should be ashamed of myself for saying something so rude!

So just when I thought I had heard everything possible that I do or don't do as a mom; I heard yet another, which I'm sure won't be the last. But I will let you be the judge! I'll be posting some of the pics - once she e-mails them. You be the judge! I'll feel much better!

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