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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What is Moms Town tm

All About The
MomsTown ™ Community
MomsTown™ is built on the belief that we don't stop being women when we become
mothers. What’s more, we recognize there's a revolution taking place in school parking lots:
Moms everywhere are awakening to the idea that they don't have to sacrifice family life in
the pursuit of their own passions. With that philosophy in mind, Mary Goulet and Heather
Reider have created a community of like-minded moms who share this philosophy. Through
the use of their weekly radio show (The Mary and Heather Show on HayHouse Radio), their
website (, an online forum, and a worldwide network of
MomsTown Town Sites they are empowering moms around the globe with the right tools
and support for getting it all.
The Show
The Mary and Heather Show is like a great big "How-To" book packed into an hour of great
radio. Each week Mary and Heather bring you lively discussions, informative interviews, and
their fresh perspective on being a mom. The Mary and Heather Show promises new
beginnings, friendship, and a sense of confidence for moms from all walks of life by sharing
ways to put the womanhood back into motherhood—after all, you don’t stop being a
woman when you become a mother!
The Big Break Manual
Do you want to make money from home? And not with one of those cheesy opportunities"
that constantly land in your inbox–but by taking your legitimate, serious, fabulous passion
and turning it into profits? Taking action and breathing life into your potential is what The
Big Break Manual and club are all about. Buying The Big Break Manual automatically enrolls
you in The Big Break Club where you have access to discounts on training as well as access
to our professional resources.
The MomsTown Town Sites
A MomsTown Town Site is a grassroots network for moms. It begins with you. You will have
the opportunity to promote your business or lifestyle with like-minded moms. You can
promote local events, your business, support other moms in their ventures and be an intimate
part of the MomsTown team by becoming a MomsTown Town Site member. Become a
MomsTown Mayor by starting a group in your community.
The MomsTown Forum
The MomsTown Forum promises “no chick factor” in their online discussion group. Because
The Mary and Heather Show and the Town Site meetings just aren’t enough for our MomsTown
moms, we’ve created this forum as a way for you to interact with each other no matter what
time of day—it’s 24/7 support from Mary, Heather, and the rest of the MomsTown team.
The MomsTown Citizen
That’s you! What are you waiting for…head on over to and get started.

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