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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Have you ever focused on the way you think?

When you're alone with your thoughts, do you tend to worry
about the things you can't do or think you can't do?
Are you afraid of others and what they might think or how they
will react to the information you have to share with them?

Or do you spend your time thinking of the things that
you CAN achieve?

There are a lot of ways to describe these different mindsets:
pessimist vs. optimist, fear vs. happiness, and so on.

But for me, the most meaningful way to view these different
behaviors is this: can't vs. I CAN.

I like to view the world through my rose colored "I CAN"
glasses because only then am I able to see that the world
is full of possibility and opportunity - not struggle
and underachievement.

Others can quickly detect the difference. They'll spot in an
whether you are filled with an "I CAN" mentality or
a can't mentality. It comes through loud and clear
in the way you interact with others.

Guess which one attracts the better things in life? Better
relationships, better business opportunities, better everything?

Yup - I CAN wins every time!

Tell yourself what you CAN do. Change your statements to I CAN instead
of I think....see what happens.

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Ways to save money the easy way said...

Aww!! Happy Birthday!!!

Can I have a shirt saying I CAN?

I need to write it down so I can remember. Or maybe I can and you can't stop me. :)
I'm back Btw I was in a Harry induced coma. What a book :)

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