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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Self sufficient Midget?

While talking to my daughter today, she whined that my 2-1/2 year old grandson no longer needed her,. He was a "self sufficient midget"! Those were her exact words. Then she proceeded to tell me why.

My daughter made him a hot dog for lunch today. After he was finished, he decided he was still hungry and needed another one. So he strutted over to the refrigerator , took the hot dogs out of the drawer, placed it on the plate and popped it into the microwave. The only thing that he couldn't do, is push the right buttons to cook the hot dog! Talk about imitating! Do you think he watches everything!

Next, my daughter talks about taking her shower and asking my grandson what he was doing. He had decided he was going to play with his playdough and went ahead to get it on his own. He is definitely becoming sooo very independent!

Ok, so what else happened, I asked, still thinking there was a bit of drama going on here on my daughters part. Well, my grandson decided that my son-in-law had left his "trash" and it needed to be cleaned up. My grandson took the now empty yogurt container with the spoon still sitting in it, and threw the container in the trash and the spoon in the sink. Ok, so he likes to keep things cleaned - while I am becoming a little more convinced.

Next, my grandson decided he needed to wash his hands. He took the kitchen table chair and slid it over to the sink. He climbed up on the chair and started to wash his hands. Ok, he is becoming more independent but a self sufficient midget? What about a normal soon to be three year old who is learning about he world around him.

Then in the background I hear, "mommy I making coffee"! Hmmm - I think I'm convinced! Now what's next - will he cook us dinner?

******Just a short add on in light of the other posts I have been writing. Here is an example of what we were all like as little toddlers. We always thought "I can". You still 'can' - believe in yourself as you did when you were a child before everyone started to tell you that you can't. It's still there inside of you - get to it!

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