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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday! It is always a time to reflect on what I have accomplished and what I have on my 'to do' list. Each year I have the opportunity to be with family and friends in addition to the calls and cards everyone sends me. It is such a heartwarming feeling.

Yesterday was a little different. My husband left at 6 am for a week long business trip so I knew I wouldn't be able to spend the day or evening with him. That's okay since we were able to go out to dinner this past weekend and spend the whole weekend together. My oldest daughter just moved back home temporarily so I knew I would be able to spend the day with her. My younger daughter and grandson had plans to come over too. So we were set for the day until my younger daughter got the stomach flu. Oh dear, yuck, ugh!

So plans changed and my older daughter and I spent the day with my grandson. What a day it was! I laughed like I haven't in years, I got hugs like I haven't in years and I heard the most endearing words you would ever want to hear ALL DAY LONG! Talk about the best gifts in the world being unseen, this was a day filled with them. Between my daughter and my grandson, I had the best birthday. Of course, I have had some wonderful birthdays that I will not forget but this one was one of a kind.

Sometimes, the best laid plans don't work out but the end result is so much better and such a great surprise!

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