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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What is Moms Town tm

All About The
MomsTown ™ Community
MomsTown™ is built on the belief that we don't stop being women when we become
mothers. What’s more, we recognize there's a revolution taking place in school parking lots:
Moms everywhere are awakening to the idea that they don't have to sacrifice family life in
the pursuit of their own passions. With that philosophy in mind, Mary Goulet and Heather
Reider have created a community of like-minded moms who share this philosophy. Through
the use of their weekly radio show (The Mary and Heather Show on HayHouse Radio), their
website (, an online forum, and a worldwide network of
MomsTown Town Sites they are empowering moms around the globe with the right tools
and support for getting it all.
The Show
The Mary and Heather Show is like a great big "How-To" book packed into an hour of great
radio. Each week Mary and Heather bring you lively discussions, informative interviews, and
their fresh perspective on being a mom. The Mary and Heather Show promises new
beginnings, friendship, and a sense of confidence for moms from all walks of life by sharing
ways to put the womanhood back into motherhood—after all, you don’t stop being a
woman when you become a mother!
The Big Break Manual
Do you want to make money from home? And not with one of those cheesy opportunities"
that constantly land in your inbox–but by taking your legitimate, serious, fabulous passion
and turning it into profits? Taking action and breathing life into your potential is what The
Big Break Manual and club are all about. Buying The Big Break Manual automatically enrolls
you in The Big Break Club where you have access to discounts on training as well as access
to our professional resources.
The MomsTown Town Sites
A MomsTown Town Site is a grassroots network for moms. It begins with you. You will have
the opportunity to promote your business or lifestyle with like-minded moms. You can
promote local events, your business, support other moms in their ventures and be an intimate
part of the MomsTown team by becoming a MomsTown Town Site member. Become a
MomsTown Mayor by starting a group in your community.
The MomsTown Forum
The MomsTown Forum promises “no chick factor” in their online discussion group. Because
The Mary and Heather Show and the Town Site meetings just aren’t enough for our MomsTown
moms, we’ve created this forum as a way for you to interact with each other no matter what
time of day—it’s 24/7 support from Mary, Heather, and the rest of the MomsTown team.
The MomsTown Citizen
That’s you! What are you waiting for…head on over to and get started.

Monday, July 30, 2007

I will focus on my key priorities today!

Over the past several weeks, FOCUS has been my main priority. There is a definite chasm between what I want to do versus what I focus on doing. I am willing myself to focus. I recently attended a life changing leadership class for which the motto is "JFDI" meaning, Just Focus and Do It! Having a daily plan is assisting me, however, there is a nagging feeling that something else remains in the way. As I persisted in getting to the bottom of it I discovered this article. Here I found a simple activity that I need to make sure I do everyday - affirmations. So my affirmation for today is "I will concentrate on my key priorities today!"

Focus And Concentration

article written on the 30th of November 2005 by mufc

I have read many books & attended numerous seminars on the subject of personal development & without exception, they have all promoted the use of affirmations as a very important success tool. And one area in life where affirmations can be a very useful tool is focus & concentration on a particular project or job.

It is widely accepted that one of the first keys to success in any field, is the ability to “do what you know you should do, when you should do it, whether you like it or not”. The ability to focus on the task at hand & prioritise time so that you do what must be done, as opposed to the things you would like to do, can be a short cut to success.

These days, everyone leads a busy life. Our work lives are busier now than at any time in recent history. So much more is expected of us at work today, as employers try to do increase business without increasing staff. We have a holiday every year to celebrate the introduction of the 40-hour week. Wouldn’t that be nice - who works only 40 hours a week these days! And the leisure time we do get, we fill with so many different activities & personal projects, that there is never enough hours in the day.

But regardless of whether we are at our place of employment, enjoying our leisure activities or doing the household chores, there is always something that is the most important thing to be doing & we should focus 100% of our attention on that task until it is done. Then & only then, move on to the next one.

The legendary sales & personal development guru Zig Ziglar says that too many people spend time worrying that when they are at work, they should be at home with their families & when they are home with their families, they worry because they should be at work. They are what he calls “wandering generalities” & not “meaningful specifics”. They are never 100% anywhere, because their mind is always somewhere else. No one will succeed at anything unless they are focused on what it is they are doing at that particular time.

So how can affirmations help with these situations? Well how about starting your day with a few affirmations that will set you on the right track. While taking your morning shower & getting ready for work, you could affirm to yourself “I will concentrate on my key priority today”. Or if you have a task on your “to do” list that has been there for weeks (as most of us do!), you could affirm to yourself as you drive to work “today I will complete the task of ******* “. There are probably other affirmations on this site you could use as they are, or just get the idea from the standard affirmation & customise it to suit your personal tasks.

You will find that if you concentrate on the task that you should be doing & not the ones that you would like to be doing instead (as useful to you as those tasks may be), you will feel much more fulfilled at the end of the day & you can then relax in the knowledge that you have accomplished what you set out to do & get on with the things you really want to do without anything hanging over your head. Margaret Thatcher, Britains first female Prime Minister & probably their most successful post war Prime Minister at that, once said: -

“Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It is not a day when you lounge around doing nothing, it’s when you’ve had everything to do & you’ve done it”.

Start your day tomorrow by affirming “I will concentrate on my key priority today” and see how you feel at the end of the day after you have accomplished that task. You will probably find that “The Iron Lady” was right!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007



Be what? You! Step up your energy and enthusiasm for who you are because it's time to step up the way you're "being!"

How do you step up who you are being? Like this, I'm being positive, motivating, confidant and empowered today. I'm being focused and committed and I refuse to, "be" anything but an inspiration to others as well as to myself!

I discovered many years ago that what was important wasn't necessarily what I thought was important. That, "doing" wasn't nearly as important to my success as how I was, "being" while I was doing, what I was doing!

I used to do things because I was told doing those things would bring me success. So, I'd do more prospecting calls and I'd do my affirmations and I'd do all the trainings and so forth. I was surprised a few years down the road that all of the doing wasn't creating results for me however, the moment I changed how I was, "being" while I was doing those things...I became a tremendous business success story. For instance, I began prospecting with posture and passion. I began believing my affirmations and feeling the truth of the words. Before long, I was conducting the training's and teaching others how to be more, have more, and how to live more on purpose.

  • Be in the moment
  • Be committed to your long term goals
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Be grateful for all you have
  • Be genuine to others
  • Be energetic and inspiring
  • Be positive
  • Be creative
  • Be resourceful
  • Be a leader of people
  • Be someone worth knowing
  • Be a good friend/mentor/confidante
  • Be yourself fully and completely
  • Be consistent
  • Be passionate
  • Be on purpose

Often times we think that we have to do more and then we'll have more. So, we do and do and do some more and it never does seem to be enough. Truth told, most of the time you're doing too much and not being near as much as you could be and should be. When you begin to be authentic and not a clone of someone else or the person everyone wants you to be, you will notice an increase in your life. The increase may look like; more people are responding to you in a positive way. The increase may feel like; "I am amazing, wonderful and I am a promise of all good things life has to offer." You may experience the sense of increase in your faith, your belief and in the abundance flowing to you.

Live intentionally today and be everything you desire to be tomorrow but...don't wait! Be all you desire to be and be it right now, today. Live life as though it is so. Live as though you have faith, abundance, prosperity, great communication skills, a thriving business and anything else you really desire to be...and be it today!

Stop doing so much and instead, make a promise to yourself to BE more beginning right now!

Until next week,

Lisa Kitter
Empower You Now Publishing, LLC
Toll-Free: 888-212-0759

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Have you ever focused on the way you think?

When you're alone with your thoughts, do you tend to worry
about the things you can't do or think you can't do?
Are you afraid of others and what they might think or how they
will react to the information you have to share with them?

Or do you spend your time thinking of the things that
you CAN achieve?

There are a lot of ways to describe these different mindsets:
pessimist vs. optimist, fear vs. happiness, and so on.

But for me, the most meaningful way to view these different
behaviors is this: can't vs. I CAN.

I like to view the world through my rose colored "I CAN"
glasses because only then am I able to see that the world
is full of possibility and opportunity - not struggle
and underachievement.

Others can quickly detect the difference. They'll spot in an
whether you are filled with an "I CAN" mentality or
a can't mentality. It comes through loud and clear
in the way you interact with others.

Guess which one attracts the better things in life? Better
relationships, better business opportunities, better everything?

Yup - I CAN wins every time!

Tell yourself what you CAN do. Change your statements to I CAN instead
of I think....see what happens.

The Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday! It is always a time to reflect on what I have accomplished and what I have on my 'to do' list. Each year I have the opportunity to be with family and friends in addition to the calls and cards everyone sends me. It is such a heartwarming feeling.

Yesterday was a little different. My husband left at 6 am for a week long business trip so I knew I wouldn't be able to spend the day or evening with him. That's okay since we were able to go out to dinner this past weekend and spend the whole weekend together. My oldest daughter just moved back home temporarily so I knew I would be able to spend the day with her. My younger daughter and grandson had plans to come over too. So we were set for the day until my younger daughter got the stomach flu. Oh dear, yuck, ugh!

So plans changed and my older daughter and I spent the day with my grandson. What a day it was! I laughed like I haven't in years, I got hugs like I haven't in years and I heard the most endearing words you would ever want to hear ALL DAY LONG! Talk about the best gifts in the world being unseen, this was a day filled with them. Between my daughter and my grandson, I had the best birthday. Of course, I have had some wonderful birthdays that I will not forget but this one was one of a kind.

Sometimes, the best laid plans don't work out but the end result is so much better and such a great surprise!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I can't...

From the desk of Ilene Meckley
Excuse or Truth: Getting Rid of "I Can't"
Let's talk a little bit about that negative phrase, "I can't." Consider the acronym "I Certainly Am Not Trying."It is crucial that you think about how many times a day you find yourself saying "I can't." What if your child came to you and said "I can't do my homework tonight." Would that be acceptable to you? Suppose her assignment is to write each spelling word ten times. Would you allow her to say she's tired and is only going to write them seven times? Think about how that would apply to your business. If your plan is to make ten contacts today, do you permit yourself to stop at seven?

Take a look at some of the statements below that I have actually heard more times than you could imagine. If you find yourself saying them, ask yourself ifthere isn't a better way to approach your business and overcome some of the challenges you face.

"I can't work during the day because of the kids."

One of the most valuable reasons many people choose to work in a home-based business is because of the kids. In my business, I want to be able to say that I work at home because I get to spend more time with the kids, not that I can't because they're always getting in the way.

"I can't work at building my business because I have a full-time job."

Think of the people in your life who work full-time and take courses at night or go straight from a full-time job to a part-time job. These people have made a choice to add something to their lives. The great thing about a home-based business is that you can make the same kind of commitment while still allowing yourself a high degree of flexibility.

"I can't work today because I have a birthday party to plan this month."

Let's get serious about this one. Is it really that difficult to divide your time so you can plan a successful party and still work on build your business?

"I can't work today because I got a new pet."

Would you believe I once heard someone use getting a guinea pig as an excuse not to work? Do you think the person that said this is really interested in building a business?

"I can't work today because I have a cold."

When you're sick it's important to ask yourself if you would take time off if you were accountable to someone else. If the answer is no, then it is important to be committed to working on your business even if you don't want to.

Do you focus on your weaknesses rather than your strengths? Remember: Weaknesses accomplish nothing - we thrive on our strengths.

In order for you to succeed in direct sales or any home business, you need to become the most positive, optimistic and confident person possible. You must believe in yourself, your company and your products. Disappointments can be found everywhere in life. What's even more important than avoiding failure is deciding how you choose to look at them. This is what will ultimately impact your attitude towards your business life.

Turn the negative into the positive.

If the person you have scheduled for a presentation cancels, how can you turn this into a positive occurrence? Why not use the time that has become available to you to find other people who are interested in your company or products. One single cancellation can lead to dozens of new contacts and appointments, and that is a very positive result.

Make today your best day

Before you begin another ordinary day, ask yourself this question: "What can I do today to make this my best day ever?" Within a couple of days, you will find yourself looking at every day positively and working harder than ever to make positive changes a regular occurrence in your life. Remember, you can find the time to be successful. Don't sell yourself short!

Not Again! Read the Labels!

Last week I was in the Rite Aid with my daughter to pick up a prescription for my husband. As we approached the counter, I see a bottle of a new wonder diet "wonder drug". The packaging was attractive, and it did exactly what it was supposed to do, catch my attention.Photo

After realizing what I was holding, I began to read the package. Ok, so I know people are always trying to find the fastest, latest and greatest magic way to lose weight. I'm sure this new diet 'aid' must be flying off the shelf. It is non prescription so you can buy as much as you want, whenever you want. But the sad part of it is that most people don't read the labels. They really should with this! Apparently there are some unpleasant side effects that would really scare the %*#@ out of you and according to the bottle, it really does happen! Let me explain.

There is a leakage problem associated with this pill! Leakage? Yes and even the company website suggests that dark pants should be warn plus you should bring a change of clothes since there is a potential for "humiliating anal leakage and gas with an oily discharge." Who wants to join me in this diet? EWWWW!  Yuck! OMG!  I don't think so.  This is NOT the way I want to lose weight or friends for that matter.  People really need to learn to read the labels AND the fine print!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Self sufficient Midget?

While talking to my daughter today, she whined that my 2-1/2 year old grandson no longer needed her,. He was a "self sufficient midget"! Those were her exact words. Then she proceeded to tell me why.

My daughter made him a hot dog for lunch today. After he was finished, he decided he was still hungry and needed another one. So he strutted over to the refrigerator , took the hot dogs out of the drawer, placed it on the plate and popped it into the microwave. The only thing that he couldn't do, is push the right buttons to cook the hot dog! Talk about imitating! Do you think he watches everything!

Next, my daughter talks about taking her shower and asking my grandson what he was doing. He had decided he was going to play with his playdough and went ahead to get it on his own. He is definitely becoming sooo very independent!

Ok, so what else happened, I asked, still thinking there was a bit of drama going on here on my daughters part. Well, my grandson decided that my son-in-law had left his "trash" and it needed to be cleaned up. My grandson took the now empty yogurt container with the spoon still sitting in it, and threw the container in the trash and the spoon in the sink. Ok, so he likes to keep things cleaned - while I am becoming a little more convinced.

Next, my grandson decided he needed to wash his hands. He took the kitchen table chair and slid it over to the sink. He climbed up on the chair and started to wash his hands. Ok, he is becoming more independent but a self sufficient midget? What about a normal soon to be three year old who is learning about he world around him.

Then in the background I hear, "mommy I making coffee"! Hmmm - I think I'm convinced! Now what's next - will he cook us dinner?

******Just a short add on in light of the other posts I have been writing. Here is an example of what we were all like as little toddlers. We always thought "I can". You still 'can' - believe in yourself as you did when you were a child before everyone started to tell you that you can't. It's still there inside of you - get to it!

Friday, July 06, 2007

How Vitamins Deficiencies and Joint Pain Are Related

By: Rebecca Prescott

If you suffer from an illness that causes joint pain, such as osteoarthritis, it is possible that vitamin deficiencies might be contributing to the problem. Although using vitamin supplements including vitamin D, the antioxidant vitamins A,C and E, and essential fatty acids will not cure your joint pain, they can significantly relieve your symptoms and prevent the illness progressing.

Arthritis takes many different forms and is the most common chronic illness in America. It is occurs when the cartilage that naturally protects and cushions the joints is worn away causing inflammation and a great deal of pain. Vitamin D deficiency does not cause arthritis but can increase its severity and consequently the symptoms.

Some vitamin D occurs naturally in the body and is produced by the skin when it is exposed to sunlight for a limited period of time. People who live in climates where they are exposed to very little sunlight are particularly encouraged to take Vitamin D supplements for this reason. Although vitamin D is found naturally is some foods such as eggs and fatty fish, most people need to eat foods fortified with vitamin D to get their recommended daily allowance.

Vitamin D deficiency means that the body is not able to naturally rebuild cartilage in your joints when it is worn away. This leads to a more rapid development of arthritis. A deficiency of vitamin D can also lead to bone diseases such as osteoporosis and rickets, so it is recommended that young babies are given vitamin D supplements if they are breast fed as breast milk will not provide them with sufficient vitamin D.

Deficiencies of antioxidant vitamins accelerate the development of joint pain in a very different way. Vitamins A, C and E are able to neutralise free radicals in the body that can attack joint tissue and contribute to the symptoms of arthritis. Free radicals also cause other serious diseases such as cancer, so making sure you get enough antioxidant vitamins either in your diet or in supplements is essential.

Vitamin A is found naturally in retinol from dairy products, as well as egg yolks, oily fish and beta-carotene in orange and yellow vegetables. To ingest vitamin C naturally you need to eat citrus fruits, broccoli, peppers or tomatoes. Vitamin E can be gained by eating vegetable oils, wheat germ, nuts, seeds, spinach, and avocado. These vitamins are widely available in vitamin supplements if you think you may not get enough in your diet.

Another vitamin substance that you may be deficient in if you have joint pain is essential fatty acid. Taking this as a supplement will not prevent the onset of arthritis, but it will reduce inflammation and therefore reduce pain.

If you are suffering from joint pain, ask you doctor or pharmacist to recommend a vitamin supplement that incorporates all of these substances. Reversing your vitamin deficiencies may not cure the source of your joint pain, but it will certainly allow you to lead a more comfortable and active life.

Article Source:

For more information about joint health and supplements that can be used to help with joint pain, contact me.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What do you do and why?

There was a question on one of the site forums asking, "What do you do for a living and Why?" So here is my answer. Feel free to post your answer.

Actually I love what I do because I don't sell anything! I work with an online catalog company and also do business with them myself as a customer. The company manufactures and develops safe, non toxic products that we use on a regular basis such as a nutrition and vitamin line, a bath and body line, a home care product line, and a makeup and skin care line and a pharmacy line.

I also share with others the opportunity to earn a part or full time income depending upon the number of hours they have to commit. This is such a great business because we can work at home and be home with your family to create a better balance in your life for you, your family and the environment.


Number 1
The products~without them, I wouldn't enjoy the physical health for myself and my family. I suffered from migraine headaches for years. Once I began using these products almost three years ago, I haven't had a migraine since. I can offer the safety and proven effectiveness of the products to everyone.

Number 2
The products are natural so they don't contain the harsh and toxic chemicals found in the brand name department store products. These products are safe for the environment. Knowing that I am helping our planet in some way has been something I have always been conscious about. These products are concentrated so they don't contain unnecessary ingredients that help save on waste plus that saves money. The products are shipped directly to you which means no unnecessary trips to the store, less gas wasted as well as, less carbon dioxide in the air.

Number 3
This company is based on ethics and standards second to none. They do not test on animals and they have been awarded by environmental agencies and groups. This company is all about customer services.

Number 4
Without a doubt, I have the opportunity to meet and work with people from all over the country. Meeting others from all different walks of life and working with them for a common cause has been so rewarding.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Walk on the wild side!

Ok, I know I already had a post today but I had to write about my hike yesterday. Two of my neighbors stopped by to take us on a hike to the top of the island where we have our weekend house. This is a little 25 sq. mile island in the San Juans north of Seattle. If anyone has ever been to the San Juans, they usually don't even know about this island. You do need to take a ferry to get there but it's a very small, 20 car ferry as opposed to the huge state ferries that hold a couple of hundred cars. This island doesn't have any well known harbor, like Friday Harbor, or mount or resort, like Rosario Resort. It's a still a great island all the same and we love it for its charm, sense of community, and peacefulness. This is one of those sleepy places. There is only one store on the island, Anderson's General Store. As the history goes, many of the people of the island were opposed to any store whatsoever. To this day, many of them refuse to shop there and add to the commercialization of the island. Anyway, I digress.

So our friends take us on a hike to the top of the highest peak on the island. It's the spot that was scoped for the cell towers, so it must be good right? Not a difficult hike by any means - clear paths, open spaces, and minor inclines. Once you reach the summit, you have a panoramic view for miles out into the Puget Sound to the Olympic Mountains plus the Cascade Mountains and to Mount Baker. What an absolutely spectacular view! We discussed a few activities we could try sometime such as yoga, lunch, camping overnight. This spot offers such peace and tranquility. Perfect spot to sit and contemplate. Plus a place to be thankful for all the I have been blessed with.

It never ceases to amaze me that I live in this part of the world where I can experience mountains and water at a glance, as long as I take the time to get there. Plus, the fact that I can experience this little bit of heaven on earth that still remains unharmed, for the most part (remember the cell towers) and still non-commercialized (remember the General Store).

As for the sore back and legs, that's another post altogether.

Just when you think you've heard everything....

....from your kids, they throw another one 'atcha. To begin with, I haven't seen my oldest daughter for over 6 weeks. She went on a tour of New Zealand to do some traveling and see that part of the world. Well, did she ever! Her pictures were absolutely breathtaking (and not because she's my daughter!).

So as I was relaying the images of the photos to my friends, my daughter said that all moms say that about things their kids do. I never realized that she thought I would say I liked something just because she's my daughter. Then when I really started to think about it ~ is it true that I only like it because it was done by one of my children and if someone else took the same picture would I like it as much? Could I be that clueless? I surely hope not. Not that this should bother me since it wasn't as if I told her the photos were awful and should be ashamed of myself for saying something so rude!

So just when I thought I had heard everything possible that I do or don't do as a mom; I heard yet another, which I'm sure won't be the last. But I will let you be the judge! I'll be posting some of the pics - once she e-mails them. You be the judge! I'll feel much better!

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